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An example of a hormonal contraceptive is the implant. The implant, called Nexplanon or Implanon, is a highly effective and convenient way for a woman to prevent herself from getting pregnant. It is a tiny metal rod that is inserted into the upper part of the arm directly under the skin. The rod can then stay inside the woman’s arm for up to 3 years all the while preventing pregnancy. Unlike many other hormonal contraceptives, the implant only contains one hormone, progestin. When released from the metal rod in the woman’s arm, the progestin prevents pregnancy by preventing ovulation from occurring. In addition, the progestin also thickens the woman’s cervical mucus so that it can block the sperm from getting into the uterus.
The implant is one of the most effective birth control options that there are. The theoretical effectiveness of it is .1, meaning that only 1 out of every 1000 users gets pregnant while the implant is in her arm. In addition, the use effectiveness of the Nexplanon is still only less than 1. The reason for such low effectiveness rates is
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One of the most common side effects of the implant is irregular bleeding. The woman can spot or can begin to have longer and heavier periods. In addition, the implant can cause a woman to have breast pain (caused by the high levels of progesterone), headaches, nausea, weight gain, and ovarian cysts. Women who should avoid getting this form of birth control are women who have breast cancer. They should not take this form of birth control because this type of cancer is related to sensitivity of progesterone. Lastly, if a woman has vaginal bleeding that is unexplained, she should not use this form of birth control because the implant can cause the woman to spot, therefore, when she spots, it will be hard to tell if it is from the implant or from some other unexplained
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