Next Day Air Chapter 1

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Next Day Air Assignment – Chapter 1 1. Briefly describe the current state of NDAS’s office automation, system integration, and networking. Begin by explaining how each department uses information technology, what hardware it uses, and what functions currently are automated. Also assess which department is most in need of a network. NDAS was established in 1985. The main objective with NDAS is to compete in todays growing market for overnight package deliveries. The current state of automation varies among departments. Computers are linked to a LAN that only attends for Sales and Marketing. The Accounts Receivable Department, led by Jane Van Dyke, is accountable for all billing and collecting, as well as payroll.. The…show more content…
The key here is that every department needs to communicate with each other, and the only way to communicate is by computers. 3. What are the current characteristics or practices that identify NDAS as a possible candidate for its proposed integrated data communication network? The candidate that NDAS will look for is a person with sufficient knowledge in the current level of information systems. This candidate needs to be able to recommend the type of systems that need to be updated or installed, and needs to make decisions on changes from within the organization. 4. Which two of the four network types might be appropriate for NDAS? Out of the four network types, the two that are most appropriate for NDAS are the Local Area Network (LAN) to a Wide Area Network (WAN). By doing this, it uses a good amount of data transfer than the operation. It can also be valuable for LAN to WAN backup. 5. When looking over the company’s organization chart, you notice that the acting manager of the Information Services/Data Processing Division is also named Coone (Les Coone). Inquiring, you learn that Les is President Coone’s nephew. Les has just joined NDAS. This is his first job, and he has no background in information systems, data processing, or data communications. Will this be a problem for you? If so, why? How will you handle it? We know that Les Coone is the new acting

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