Next Day Air Service Case Study

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Pre-course Assignment – NDAS Case Study Question 1 The current level of office automation at NDAS varies with each department. The company is also in the process of upgrading its computer systems to improve performance and reduce costs. The Payroll Department has a minicomputer on which it runs the payroll twice monthly. The Sales and Marketing department has a desktop computer for each account representative. All the computers are connected to a LAN, which serves only the Sales and Marketing department. The Accounts Receivable Division has recently replaced its old minicomputer with a more powerful microcomputer. This new server supports databases for both customer billing and bad debts. The Accounts Payable Division maintains…show more content…
Ideally, each local office would integrate its computers with a LAN, so that all employees would be able to share information, and resources such as printers. In case there are multiple buildings in an office (like in the corporate office), each building would have its own LAN, and the LANs could be connected by a Backbone Network. Question 3 NDAS has several offices that are distant from each other and are not connected either to one another or to the corporate headquarters. Currently, the telephone network is the only method of direct communication among these scattered locations. A large volume of information is exchanged between the local offices and the corporate office, along with billing information. It also appears that a lot of paperwork is required for the day-to-day operation of the company. Each remote office must make photocopies of billing and timecard information before sending it to corporate headquarters. This is done to safeguard the information in case it is lost in transit. If there is a delay with the delivery of a parcel, it is difficult to track it without the help of a computer network providing real-time information. As the company expands, the volume of paperwork will increase, and the current system will not be able to cope. The introduction of online transaction processing and real-time customer information will speed up the billing process

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