Next Generation Internet Protocol IPV6 Essay

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As the internet growth rate has been reached to a very high level, and using a heavy multimedia application such as video and audio stream, Qos (Quality of Service) technology has become more relevant and important. IPV6 (Next generation internet protocol) have more features and characteristics then IPV4 such as providing more address space and new fields that can be used to enhance and make the usage of IP Network more frequent even with the sensitive traffic flow. The currently used Ipv4 which has supported the internet for more than 20 years have many problems such as No QOS were implemented, so many other protocols are used to guarantee request for the sensitive traffic flow. The next generation internet protocol IPV6 has implemented …show more content…
For the development of Enhance version of IPV4 ie the Next generation internet protocol IPV6, it is important to provide different level of Qos. Because Qos is a set of technologies that enables Network administrator to optimally use network resources. Qos is also a kind of measurement that how network reacts to user demands
The next generation internet protocol IPV6 has two fields which is used to support Qos. These two fields are Traffic Class (TC) and a Flow Label. The traffic class (TC) 8 bit field is used to differentiate between the traffic flows and the flow label 20 bit is used to distinguish between traffic flows since it is unique between traffic flows generated by the same source. It will gives us advantages in optimizing routing and end to end Qos, As we knows that router use source address, destination address and flow label combination for forwarding decisions resulting in a small time and low end to end delay. In addition it can also get rid of layer violation problem, which consist of extracting information from upper layers for forwarding or processing packets purposes. This can create problem when packets are encrypted and port numbers are hidden. Avoiding the layer violation problem facilitated end to end IP level security mechanism. Besides the flow label has the finest granularity of packet stream to differentiate Qos treatment, which is the first step towards end to end Qos.
Commonly we can measure the Qos on three different
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