Next Generation Left

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I have always been interested in politics and how they work. Politics are interesting to me because I find it as a possible area I could work in. Mostly my parents and grandparents have influenced my view on government. Also, a few of my friends’ parents have influenced my views on government because they have stressed their opinions to me and I mostly agree with those opinions. Before this unit, I was pretty unsure of where I resided politically and who I wanted to vote for.

On the political spectrum, I am a “next generation left”. One reason I am a next generation left is because I agree with the key beliefs of a “next generation left.” Another reason I believe I am a “next generation left” is because the policies that next generation lefts
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One reason is because I have taken multiple quizzes and every time the results come out differently. Another reason is because I share beliefs of both parties and am undecided on certain issues. The issues include favoring world peace, the US should be more dominant in trade and that the government should support the common man. An issue that I am undecided about is the purpose of our government and I go back and forth on this issue.

If I had to vote for president, I would vote for Hillary Clinton for multiple reasons. One reason is because I like her views on the environment and energy because I agree that we need to decrease pollution and we need to find a better energy source. I also like Clinton’s view on national security because she wants to do more in depth background checks. Some of the down sides of Clinton is that her views on jobs and taxes don’t really make sense to me. Overall, I think she is the better candidate for the four and I would vote for her.

Although I feel very strongly on some of the issues I wrote about, I’m sure my view on most of these issues and parties will soon change as I grow up. Politics are ever changing, meaning people's views of the government will also
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