Next Generation Microprocessor Essay

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Introduces the next generation of processors Yiming Xiao As the need for micro- architecture performance modeling power level will continue to work with future workload and performance requirements increase , the designer must make the right choices in defining the next generation of low-power microprocessors. In this article , I will mainly talk about the next generation of processors and processor used on smart phones and how they are designed in different situations. next generation processor Firstly, the design team early in the design cycle, consider limiting the power consumption and heat dissipation, you can use an intrinsically low power microarchitecture line. This will more than teams make some advantages. Besides, power…show more content…
In other words, they may just be interested to minimize the workload for a given power to run , but not with the performance of the execution time , but it does not exceed certain limits. MIPS performance measurement and power watts refer to the average or maximum value, derived from the specifications of the chip. For example, January 1 gigahertz ( 109 times / sec ) treatment, which can be completed up to 4 cycles per instruction , the maximum theoretical yield is 4000 MIPS. If the average completion rate of a combination of workload data per instructions / cycle, MIPS will be equal to 1000 times the P. average , however, when it comes to work focused on evaluating and features processor , parameters, often controversial. In addition to determining a set of reference applications for the account of the matter, the basic question remains on how the performance is due to the presence of a single ( average) Evaluation This is a meaningful comparison of a group of machines. Third, we can use the statistics of resource use by these cycles can be easily performed from a monitoring driving performance or cellular level simulator to estimate the activity factor . Each resource model , if the specific energy model exists in a given cycle, if the access or use of cell i can determine the consumption of corresponding energy , and adds to the overall use of unit of net energy. Therefore , when one end of the simulation ,
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