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NAVY FAMILY ACCOUNTABILITY AND ASSESSMENT SYSTEM (NFAAS) VERIFICATION. NAVADMIN 218/15 announced the semi-annual update and verification of personal information in NFAAS. NFAAS is the system utilized by the Navy to account for personnel and their families during widespread natural or manmade disasters. Accurate contact information of personnel AND family members is required to facilitate a quick and accurate muster of personnel in affected areas. Updates of personal information must be verified as current by 1 April and 1 October each year. Applicability. This message applies to all Navy personnel, uniformed (active and reserve) and civilian and OCONUS contractors per the following: • It is required for all military personnel…show more content…
Under no circumstances should a PWFD ever be connected to any government information systems. For additional information, visit 3. GENERAL MILITARY TRAINING PROGRAM. NAVADMIN 213/15 announced significant changes to the General Military Training (GMT) program for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016. FY16 GMT has been completely redesigned to empower local leadership to tailor training topics to the needs of their Sailors. The first component in this new framework is Standardized Core Training (SCT). SCT is limited to topics mandated by higher authority for annual delivery to all uniformed personnel. Some support topics have been retained as annual requirements due to direct ties to other annual training requirements. These lessons will be delivered using standardized training materials. A portion will require face-to-face delivery while the rest will allow completion by each individual. Mandatory Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR), Equal
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