Nfl Concussion Litigation By Ray Easterling

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NFL Concussion Litigation In August of 2011, the first federal lawsuit in the well-known NFL Concussion Litigation was filed by Ray Easterling. Ray Easterling was a safety for the Atlanta Falcons organization from 1974 until 1977. () Easterling was diagnosed with dementia and became one of a large group of former NFL players who took their own lives due to brain trauma that their brains sustained during their professional careers. (study) Concussions have been a growing issue in all sports, more specifically in the National Football League. Multiple concussions can result in numerous long term effects on an athlete. Since being the first plaintiff in the NFL Concussion Litigation, more than 4,800 former player plaintiffs and over 5,800 in total, including spouses of former players and family members, have joined Ray Easterling’s fight against the NFL. (Concussion Litigation Website) The claim that these former players have made against the NFL is that the NFL “failed to properly treat players for concussions and tried to conceal the causal link between football and brain injuries.” (RAY COURT CASE)

Medical Research on Concussions & Their Long Term Effects In recent years, doctors have participated in numerous different studies regarding concussions and the impact they can have on athletes. Concussions have become a hot topic that has parents concerned for their children’s safety while participating on little league sports teams. One of the long-term effects created…
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