Nfl Domestic Abuse

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The area of interest I chose was domestic violence/abuse from an show titled: An NFL Wife Tell Her Story: Intimidated Spouses Followed “Code of Silence” Around Domestic Abuse. This topic is common among the players in the National Football League (NFL). The date this show was posted is Tuesday, September 16, 2014. The key presenter(s) that discussed the topic were as followed: Amy Goodman (Journalist and columnist for radio show Democracy Now!) and Dewan Smith-Williams (Wife of retired NFL Player Wally Williams; Intimated spouse around domestic abuse).
A briefing of the show, Mrs. Williams, is currently married to retired NFL player Wally Williams and has dealt with domestic abuse. In their relationship in the past, she
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Regarding the Dewan Smith-Williams case they’re goal to me is to protect the brand and not to protect the husband from himself and his high risk behavior to his wife and family because they didn’t want her to go to the police and keep it silent. I think Mrs. Williams made the right call to come forth and let it be known that spouses and/or partners are being treated unfair and something needs to be done. In my opinion, maybe if fans, anti-violence groups and women’s rights organizations get together and organize a plan that could force the owners to enact stronger and lasting reforms to improve the NFL actions and response to domestic abuse. They should make some amendments to the personal conduct policy. This topic relates to the discussion on human behavior because we want to know what causes the domestic abuse from the spouse especially if the abuser is in the NFL, a super star, and fame is growing and so forth. Find out what area of treatment and theory practice could be used to help the
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