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Abstract The National Football League (NFL) is considered the strongest, most lucrative, and financially resilient professional sport globally. While the NFL has been a huge success in the United States, exporting American football to other countries has not had the same success. NFL Europa was launched with the aim of introducing the sport to European countries but after facing 15 years of financial losses, the NFL Europa program ended in 2007. NFL then launched the NFL International Series—a program primarily geared to export real NFL games overseas. While the program is still young, it yields promising results. NFL has pointed out that education is the key in acquiring potential foreign markets; research studies show that most…show more content…
The new strategy has a much lower overhead, and a much larger scope of potential fans. The NFL had to find a way to enter the global market, without the massive losses they experienced with NFL Europa.
One of the greatest obstacles that the NFL has had in introducing football globally is that many people outside of the United States and Canada find the rules complex and confusing. To help teach people more about football, the NFL designed an interactive website platform which teaches fans the fundamentals of American football (Hardcastle, 2012). The website seeks to directly address the queries, making it highly interactive. This website also serves as a foundation for advertising and promotional decisions; it can show executives which areas of the world are visiting the site, and showing interest in football which helps for deciding which venues to select for future NFL International games. The website also assists in identifying individuals with similar characteristics that have significant implications for the determination of marketing strategies; market segmentation (Market Segmentation, 2002-2010).
Environmental Challenges
The major environmental challenges which have hindered NFL’s popularity and support among other countries are culture and competition. In cross-border business, we step into different cultural environments characterized by

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