Nfl Hbs Case Study Essay

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NFL Case Study
1. Discuss the factors that have resulted in the NFL becoming “America’s Game” and the most popular sport in the country?
The fundamental reason for NFL becoming “America’s Game” and the most popular sport in the country is because the NFL was able to market the sport as an entertainment business.
Leveraging television and the fact that American football was only played in America, the
NFL was able to create a “holiday” feel that was unique and that American’s took pride in, as a result paid more attention to the sport. Another contributing factor was to control the quality of the product. Making sure that each team had the resources to perform professionally and one team could not gain absolute advantage was
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For example Formula One, as teams survive on sponsorship revenue, teams with manufacturer support have a greater budget to invest in drivers and engineers, ultimately having a more competitive package, and their greater spending is also rewarded by greater commercial revenue as the revenue is granted based on performance rather than pooling. As a result, domination by a few teams is extremely normal in Formula One.
3. Discuss Peter O’Reilly’s marketing/brand strategy discussed in the case along with Alex and Matt’s comments in class. What do you think has made it successful and offer other ideas on how the NFL can more effectively build the NFL brand and continue to grow its fan base?
Peter O’Reilly’s marketing/ brand strategy’s main objective was to generate pride amongst individual, families, cities and the nation. Americans develop a sense of ownership to the sport as a result invest must more interest into it. The NFL is able to leverage the fact that
American football is not a global sport but has global audience in terms of numbers. By marketing the brand as “intense” (delivering “edge of your seat, heart-pounding excitement”),

“meaningful” (being “much more than just a game”), and “unifying” (forging “bonds among families, friends, and even strangers,” uniting “entire cities and even the nation”). It defines part of American culture and habits, as a result the longer the sport lasts the more engrained it is in American culture, the more

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