Nfl and Yoga

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Madison Moore Mrs. Kampa Eng 121 1 March 2016 Football Players Need Yoga When most Americans hear the word 'yoga', they think of a petite girl in a ponytail and leggings, carrying her purple yoga mat. This image has become so completely part of the culture of American yoga that the general response when suggesting yoga as a training method is either "That's for girls," or "But I'm not flexible." These responses were generated by an overall ignorance regarding yoga as a practice. Imagine, for a moment, a very large and muscular man with the soles of his feet together on the ground in butterfly pose. Now imagine that one man in a large room with twenty men much like him in the same yoga position. A scene like this is the new normal;…show more content…
As shown, this dynamic stretching and strengthening will improve performance by increasing skill level, even in the range of joint motion in the hands. As each part of a person's body is improved in yoga, any NFL athlete will soon see the benefits of this training. Yoga is also proven to improve focus, which happens through focusing on breath and holding postures. This great side-effect can be carried over by football players to the field and help prevent any major distractions that could lead to injury. Awareness of surroundings and others is just one of the positive effects yoga will have on the mind. Many NFL players are known as hot-heads with short tempers. Luckily, yoga is a wonderful remedy to mind-related problems such as stress, finding a better connection to the body, and creating an overall happier athlete. Stress is a huge part of many professional athletes' jobs, and with so many fans and so much riding upon their shoulders, football players feel this more than most. Yoga is not just strength and injury training; it will also soothe a high-strung feeling in athletes about the sport, or any other life worry. This is supported by the science of Natural Killer (NK) cells that are the body's way of fighting stress. NK cells are clinically shown to increase with a constant yoga practice. For this
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