Nfl 's New York Giants And San 49ers

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“It’s part of the game… Until it’s you.” Wide receiver Mario Manningham, who has played for the NFL’s New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers, spoke these jarring words in response to commentary by other players around the league indicating their beliefs that vicious, helmet-to-helmet hits are simply “part of the game” (Battista). For many years, this view, in which concussions are actually considered to be good in the way that they show one’s toughness and dedication to football, has been shared by many players and coaches throughout the league. The generally short length of the effects of concussions (or at least the immediate effects) and the frequency at which they happen have contributed to this dangerously careless perception of the ailment, to the point that some players would be more likely to consider retirement due to a foot injury than due to a head injury ("AP survey: Concussions not most"). Additionally, the lack of response to concussions by the National Football League, revealed in a 2012 lawsuit filed against it by former players affected by concussions, exacerbates the issue, along with their past attempts to hide the severity of concussions from players. This view of concussions is extremely concerning, and while the NFL has taken steps forward regarding concussion prevention and response through fines and regulations, improvement of the players’ awareness of concussions, stricter responses to concussions by the league, and increased support of players who
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