Ngo and Development in India

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ASSIGNMENT ON- NGOs and Development in India submitted to the university of Mangalore By Nelson Pinto With the declining role of the state in social welfare and social services, NGOs are increasingly gaining attention and prominence and are looked upon as alternative agencies in promoting awareness, change and development in society. After Independence we find with launching of planning for development, the voluntary sector have had official status and has been recognized as right agency to plan, implement, evaluate changes that have to be undertaken. Voluntary organizations are known by names like people’s organization, non-governmental organizations, grassroots organizations, action…show more content…
5. Services: Building up infrastructure in depressed backward areas. 6. Development of socio-economic environment around human beings 7. Development of human beings: Conscious raising, awakening, raising conscience, organizing, recording of priorities to suit social justice; redeeming the past and opening doors for opportunities to the oppressed and the exploited. Characteristics of a voluntary organization The NGOs are knoun for their virtues of human touch, dedication, flexibility, self reliance and nearness to the community. • The main motivation behind voluntary action is charity. It is more applicable to the Indian situation where charity is considered a religious duty. The main characteristic of a voluntary agency is “human touch”. Human touch is a quality which is innate in a human being and cannot be developed with any amount of training or incentive. Human touch, the hallmark of voluntary agencies. • The second characteristic of voluntary action is dedication. The sense of dedication is more important to volunteers whether they work individually or through a voluntary agency. Without any sense of commitment and dedication no voluntary agency could meet its destiny. • A need of flexibility in the work style of voluntary agency is next characteristics. This is possible because voluntary organizations are capable of their operational designs. This is necessary because

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