Ngo 's Views On Human Rights

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“NGO’s are generally private, voluntary organizations whose members are individuals or associations that come together to achieve a common purpose.”(Mingst 233) NGO’s are incredibly diverse. Some are local while others are national and transnational. NGO’s (Non-state actors) have played a huge role in enhancing human rights. They may not have the same power and resources as the state but they do influence a lot. Culture has often been used as a blanket to reject new laws and new ideas, thus making advances and change nearly impossible. Thanks to many NGO’s and social movements there has been some change around the world. They can also been seen as tools, available to all worldwide. They have played an extremely important role in international human rights. NGO’s all around have played their part in promoting human rights. Over the years they have grown in size. They have questioned traditional practices and have made the public aware of corrupt practices. NGO advocacy is directed towards the creation and implementation of human rights norms. States all around are dependent on NGO’s. NGO’s lobby for new norms and provide humanitarian assistance in wars and complex emergencies. They apply pressure on states to make a change and to act out. Although they do not have military or police power they have seemed to make a tremendous impact in society. One way NGO’s have promoted human rights is through lobbying and campaigning. NGO’s make the public aware of human rights violations
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