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Brooke Konstance Sociology 101 NHL LOCKOUT The 2012 NHL lockout began on September 15th, 2012 because of an ongoing labor dispute on the expiration of the NHL’s collective bargaining agreement. The lockout began less than a month earlier to the scheduled beginning of the 2012–13 NHL season. The owners confirmed a lockout of the members of the National Hockey League Players ' Association after a new agreement could not be met before their deadline. The NHL 2012-13 is the 96th season. It was scheduled to begin on October 11, 2012 but is currently delayed, and as a result a total of 326 games have been canceled. The 2013 NHL Winter Classic was scheduled to feature the Detroit Red Wings hosting the Toronto Maple Leafs at Michigan Stadium…show more content…
If he 's traded, the new team would absorb the hit but it would revert back to the Devils after he retired. Teams could no longer get rid of a cap hit by burying a player in the minors as the New York Rangers did with Wade Redden. The following contracting rules are proposed: Two years for entry-level contracts, down from the current three years and down from the originally proposed five. Unrestricted free agency at 28 or eight years, up from 27 or seven years, and down from the proposed 10. Five-year cap on contract lengths. This is designed to address a league concern about players getting paid too much coming out of their entry-level deals. During a contract, the salary couldn 't vary by more than 5% in any year from the first-year number. This would eliminate the so-called diveback contract that pays a lot up front and lowers the cap hit with low salaries at the end. Salary arbitration would not be eliminated, as first proposed. A third-party arbitrator would be appointed if a player was unhappy with the current appeals result on a suspension. The players had been upset that there was no appeal process after Brendan Shanahan ruled and Bettman handled the appeal. The NHLPA is working on a counter-proposal and is expected to meet with the league on Thursday in Toronto.” Not only has the NHL lockout upset the dedicated fans, who were looking forward to this years season. The most

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