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=The National Health Service (NHS) is a publicly financed organization created by the government to give free or low cost good healthcare to all legal residents of United Kingdom launched in July 1948, a principle that remains at its core. The aim of this essay is to examine the objectives of NHS, how it carries out its services and its external factors. The National Health Services is divided into four geographical regions, which are: * NHS England * NHS Wales * NHS Scotland and * NHS North Ireland. In this essay, my key focus is NHS England. It is a self-governing organization, with close contact to the government. Its main responsibility is to prioritize and set direction of the NHS to improve health care services for…show more content…
Below are some of the external factors: * Political factor: there are polarized interests in shaping the quality of NHS by politicians, as such different political governments come with various policies and legislations to improve the quality of NHS care depending on their respective campaign manifestoes. These changes comes could impact either negatively or positively on the services. For example, the current political government came into power with clear intention to make NHS services better through provision of NHS seven days services including weekends. This policy has generated significant and heated disagreement amongst the clinical staff, particularly the junior doctors who eventually had their working contract reviewed and imposed on them. * Economic factor: Impact of economic factor is very significant to conventional management of NHS services from top to bottom. As NHS is publically funded organization, there is always waves of chances that some policies will certainly involve cut funding to certain services in order to reinforces others based on demand and overall economic status of the country. Realistically, NHS spending could fall by a fall in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and vice-versa. According to The Kings Fund analysis says: “The 10 years up to 2020-21 are likely to see the largest sustained fall in NHS spending as a share of GDP in any period since 1951”. In response to this,
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