Nhs For National Health Services Essay

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NHS stands for National Health Service.NHS was launched by health secretary Aneurin Bevan(1897-1960) at Park hospital in Manchester on July 5 1948.It was created out of the longheld debate that good healthcare should be available to all,regardless of their wealth.Before the establishment of NHS,the provision of healthcare was very limited.The poor people did not have access to healthcare services as they couldn 't afford it and mostly people depended on religious practices to cure their diseases.Before NHS,one’s health was determined by one’s wealth as health services were very expensive.Since its launch in 1948, the NHS has grown to become the world’s largest funded health service provided to all.The main objective of the NHS is to provide standard care to people.For that to happen, health professional should have certain qualities.Right values and attitude,key skills,knowledge and strong work ethic are the necessary requirements of a healthcare professional.Healthcare professionals can also use reflective practices for personal and professional development in their respective field.Reflective practice is a way of learning from your own personal experiences and then improve the way you work in your respective field.At the time of its foundation,NHS was based on three core principles; that it meets the needs of everyone,that it be free at the point of delivery and lastly it be based on clinical need,not ability to pay.These core principles have pathed the way for current
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