Nicaragu The Spanish Speaking Nation Of Nicaragua

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In the heart of Central America lies the Spanish speaking nation of Nicaragua. Officially titled “the Republic of Nicaragua”, there have been multiple stories of how the country got its name, the most prominent story says that during the time the Spanish invaded, Nicaragua took its name from an indigenous chief named Nicarao who was ruler of the region. Fast forwarding the history: Three hundred years of Spanish colonialism, a hundred years of totalitarian ruling by multiple “presidents”, and thirty years of Somoza family dictatorship, Nicaragua underwent the Sandinista revolution in 1979 to create a socialist society. Despite socialism having a track record of failure, there was great advancements in literacy and overall education, as well as improvement the nations GDP. However, the 1980’s were engrossed in destructive guerilla wars and political blunder sending the nation into a downward spiral.

Political History
Though titled as a democratic nation, the early years of Nicaragua’s political ruling was taken by tyrannical rule, namely the Somoza family who publicly used violence to silence opposition or potential opponents. The end of their rule resulted in the creation of a constitution that ensured political rights to the people while suppressing the power of those in power as well as setting a limit on how long one could stay in office. Since 1987, the supreme law of the country is the “The Political Constitution of Nicaragua”, control of the constitution is exercised

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