Nicaragua And Its Effects On America

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Nicaragua is known for its incredible beaches, lakes and volcanoes that many tourists from around the world come far and wide to see on vacation. Tourism is one of Nicaragua’s main sources of income for the country with their lavish resorts and beaches. What many people don’t realize what is behind the curtain of all the beautiful vacation sites, is that Nicaragua is actually one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. That living conditions are not exactly like staying in one of those five-star resorts. Even though it has one of the largest freshwater lakes in Central America, very little water is safe to drink or is accessible to its citizens. Nicaragua has been through a lot as a country throughout its history. By war and political corruption. Yet, during the beginning of its history around the 15th century much was not going on during that period. Much of its history occurred during the 19th century. In “1523 the Spanish conquered Nicaragua and divided the land into large estates, and forced the native people were forced to work.” (Lambert). The Spanish took most of the control of Central America up in until the late 18th century. Where during “1821 part of Central America broke away from Spanish rule and formed the United Central Provinces” (Lambert). As a result of breaking away from Spanish rule, Nicaragua became an independent country in 1838. “In 1893 a man named Jose Santos Zelaya made himself dictator of Nicaragua. In 1909 there was a rebellion and

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