Niche Brands Of The Detergent Category

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From above technical analysis, there is not enough evidence to prove the presence of the niche brands in the detergent category. In a normal fast moving consumer goods, it is expected that the penetrations and purchases frequency of each brand will increase as it’s market share increases. However, from the research, if there is a niche brand appears in the market, it will have a slightly higher purchase frequency relative to its penetration, and a higher customer loyalty than larger brands. Moreover, from the observation of consumers, it also shows that niche brands occur very rarely in the market (Goodman & Jarvis, 2005, p. 293). In this case, although, the brand D, E and F shows a higher customer loyalty than the larger brands B and C,…show more content…
through mutual coordinate production strategy, price strategy, channel strategy, promotion strategy, achieve the goal of enterprise to support satisfactory product or service for customer (Baker, Marn & Zawada 2011, p.75). 1.Production strategy: The organization’s production strategy need reliable technology, fund, base of cost, so it is need to know customer that what kind of product they need, when a company bring a new product or service to the market, even if the company has some strong competitors, costumers still want to buy the companies’ product or service that it bring a new staff. Then a lot of customers be a loyalty customers of the companies, it is directly increase the market share of this company. And it is indirectly decrease the competitor’s market share. 2.Price strategy: the product’s price is base on the demand of market, and company’s profit. A good price can attractive more customer buy the company’s product, the company that have a high market share, because it has a best price from the suppliers, the reason is the company has a large order that it increase their purchasing power (Investopedia, 2015). 3.Channel strategy: Enterprise to product sales should not a single channel sale. Some organization should be sale the product that use more types of channel. For example: Wineries will give dealers to sell the production of wine, and later, they found that this kind of

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