Nicholas Carr 's Is Google Making Us Stupid?

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Nicholas Carr’s Is Google Making Us Stupid? explains the impact the Internet is having on his (and others) patience with in depth reading habits, and possibly the way their brain is processing information. The old days of having to spend hours researching a subject are long gone because of the Internet. Having such a powerful tool available at any time can be a good and bad thing wrapped up in the same package. Over the last couple decades, home computer and smartphone ownership has been on a steady rise with most homes now having multiple devices. Therefore, having unlimited information available at all times has become a reality. This essay is informative because it shows how habits, and the mind, are changing because of the Internet.…show more content…
In 2011, Betsy Sparrow’s experiment tested college students on a number of different levels of retaining information. For the second experiment, participants were asked to read and type phrases into the computer and told to remember the phrases. Some were told their phrases would be retrievable, and others that their phrases would be not be saved. In regard to those that were told their phrases would be saved, she stated, “Participants apparently did not make the effort to remember when they thought they could later look up the trivia statements they had read.” (777). She points out that all participants were asked to remember the phrase, therefore that specific request had no bearing on the results. “Participants were more affected by the cue that information would or would not be available to them later, regardless of whether they thought they would be tested on it.” (777). Google, and other search engines, are slowly replacing the internal memory functions of encoding, storage, and retrieval when there is an option of letting a computer do the work. Today, even with the Internet, students still need to learn how to acquire information and retain knowledge. While information is quickly and easily found on the Internet, younger students should only use it to start the process of narrowing down an idea and looking for resources that can further deep

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