Nicholas Stoller's Neighbors

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When I got the invite to see Nicholas Stoller's work-in-progress comedy "Neighbors" back in February, I didn't know what to expect. Of course, I knew it was going to be raunchy but my main concern was whether the film would be actually funny. Seth Rogen's particular brand of comedy has been largely hit-or-miss with me as there are times where I've found him too abrasive (like in 2011's ill-advised reimagining of venerable radio serial crime-fighter the Green Hornet) but when he's in a role that plays to his strengths, he can be absolutely hilarious. Despite my mixed feelings on Rogen, the biggest wildcard in "Neighbors" was Zac Efron. Women—specifically teenage girls—may go crazy over his baby blue eyes and perfectly formed pecs and abs but as an actor, he's been less than impressive. With only the poster as my frame of reference, I went into the screening of "Neighbors" and came out ninety minutes later in pain…because I was laughing so hard! In fact, I enjoyed Stoller's film so much that I recently saw it a second time in its completed form, although the only things that were missing in the work-in-progress version was some post-production effects and the end credits. We're barely two weeks into the summer movie season and already we have a strong contender for best comedy of 2014.

Married couple Mac and Kelly Radnor (Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne) are slowly adjusting to life in the suburbs with their newborn baby girl Stella but the family's hope for peace and quiet is

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