Nichomachean Ethics’ Book Was Written By Aristotle Between

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Nichomachean ethics’ book was written by Aristotle between the periods of 384 BC to the time when he passed away in 322 BC. Aristotle is an ancient Greek philosopher. During his period of writing, not many things had been discovered and the only other known philosophers were the Plato and Socrates. My view on the book can be derived from the title itself “Nichomachean” which means victory for example in battle and from the term “ethics” which means virtue or a code of conduct. From the two words, one can derive that the book entails virtues of being a winner, or how one should conduct themselves to be victorious. One of my best books written by Aristotle is politics from book III. In this book Aristotle talks citizens…show more content…
Aristotle’s ethical views in the book are mostly Athenian associated in philosophical garb. Coming out from a period that culture was adored his writings adopted from his culture, although sometimes in his discussion and emphasis in the book expresses established thinking that can also be addressed to the rest of the world. The author’s aspect of Aristotle’s biography, is that he compares his works with Plato and Socrates. Aristotle being a student of Plato, he only took a few perceptive of Plato’s work and made them more advanced, updated and broad. From the author’s biography of Aristotle we understand that, Aristotle followed Socrates footsteps on the agenda of moral virtue. Aristotle’s saying, moral virtue consist of knowledge, so that one who acts wrongly or viciously acts from arrogance, Aristotle uses the same outline in his philosophical apparatus to develop other areas of his thoughts. We can also see different aspects of Aristotle’s ethics that differ from his predecessors Plato and Socrates; an emphasis on virtuous activity, whereas Aristotle’s is possessing of the virtue, from the other candidates, happiness is a pleasure whereas Aristotle’s description is happiness only consist of virtuous activity. After the death of Plato in 341 BC, Aristotle left Athens for 13 years during which he was a tutor to Alexander. He founded Lyceum

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