Nick Hathaway

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Chris Hemsworth known as Nick Hathaway, who is a master of computer hacker and a computer security. His character is very a talented hacker. He wrote the code of computer that show in a malware and cause a terrorist attack in a nuclear power plant in China. He helped a joint team of FBI and Chinese agents track cyberterrorists. A piece of malware allows Chris to have complete remote control over whatever computer or system it infects. His profession shows how he sneaks past electronic firewall and spread the virus into the computer system. He can do anything from browsing and copying files to executing commands without fear of detection.
Graphic Designers: Both Gabriel and Maxim Shamir
Gabriel Shamir was born in 1909, and Maxim Shamir was born in 1910. they both were Israeli graphic designers at the Kunstgewerbeschule of Charlottenburg in Berlin, Germany. “They designed Israel's official state emblems, medals, stamps and currency notes, including the 1949 Israeli State Coat of Arms, an image of a menorah and olive
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The woman remained a mystery. The whole point of photography and a photograph is to capture, and make permanent to a moment in time. Creating something that can be viewed and looked at is literally the whole. The idea she didn't want anyone even including herself to see a moment in life that she intentionally captured and stole from the flowing world. Vivian Maier was born in February 1, 1926, and she died in April 21, 2009. She was a France-Austrian woman. She was a private woman. She was a close person. She wasn’t opened to anybody. She became one of the most famous American street photographer. She lived in New York City. Most of her life, she worked as a nanny and housekeeper to a multitude of Chicago families. During her lifetime, Vivian carried a camera and took more than 150,000 photographs. She was known and published in 2007 by John Maloofand Charlie Siskel, who were A Chicago
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