Nick Mccaarty Character Analysis

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Nick McCarty is the lead character of the Nick McCarty series of novels by adventure fiction novelist Bernard Lee DeLeo. The first novel in the series featuring the protagonist Nick was the 2011 published Cold Blooded that was published to much popularity. The series of novels are generally regarded as detective crime fiction.

The series of novels start with Nick McCarty retiring from a decade old career in black ops to pursue a career as an author. Nick had been the best black ops operative his unit had ever had but had always wanted to write novels. After years doing some of the most complex of jobs across the globe, he finally thinks it is time to chase his dream and instantly becomes wildly successful.

The first novel in the series Cold Blooded opens to Nick quitting his
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Nick has to face up to Gerald Kensky a released serial killer and one of his most formidable foes yet. His life is made more complicated by the problems in the Kader family that has issues with Omar Fontaine who is causing a ruckus over an oil contract gone wrong. Nock now has to deal with not only a treacherous senator back at home but also one of the world’s best assassins hired by Fontaine. Teaming up with his Unholy Trio comrades he slices through a mess of terrorist and their sympathizers alike taking no prisoners until he is sure that his family and country are safe.

Bloody Shadows the fourth novel in the series is an excellent thriller full of the same entities looking to cause havoc in the world. Nick McCarty who is still donning his writer cover while undertaking undercover duties has to face up to the Settle Ripper, terrorist sympathizers and treacherous blackmailers. But Nick and his Unholy Trio will not take anything lying down. He leads his team from one deadly mission to another showing why he is referred to as the Cold Blooded Terminator.

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