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Nick Mootz Period 3 AP English 11 Eilertsen 3 Behind the Mask of the Olympics Most people think of the Olympics as just a way for the world to join together and athletically compete but hidden behind the curtain of glory and valor, natives suffer through poverty from the unbalanced economy that is correlated with the hosting of the Olympic games. CNN and other news channels manage to capture the fantastics of the games, but always seem to avoid the discrepancies within the host nation. Why should the innocent suffer at the expense of international entertainment and competition? The Olympic games not only harms the economic stability of its host nations, but also demoralize the natives of the country by weighing pointless entertainment…show more content…
The Olympics is a money pit and there is very little evidence of any success derived from hosting an Olympic games. The last three Olympic games are still looking for the return in their investment. Most nations are incapable and unqualified to host such a spectacle as the Olympic games. Every country and their presidents strive to mask their weaknesses and show their strength as an international power. The reasons why these peevish nations are bidding to host the Olympics are expressed through their belief and want to announce their arrival to the world stage. What they do not realize is the time and effort required into hosting such a demanding event. For example, in Rio Olympics Cause ‘Real Problems’ In Brazil, Mario Tama writes, “the popular leftist government that presided over its boom years, began to unravel, as if on cue for the big events”(Fortune International). Obviously, Brazil did not have the economic and political strength to survive hosting both the World Cup and Olympic games within two years of each other. It is imperative for the Olympic Games Board of Directors to perform better when deliberating between their choices of hosts. Most countries end of biting more than they can chew regardless of their economic

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