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Nick Romano Mr. Krebs CP English II, Period 1 28 March 2017 Paying for Playing “The Overestimation Phenomenon in a Skill-Based Gaming Context: The Case of March Madness Pools,” an article written by Dae Kwak, a research of sports consumer behavior, stated, “Over 100 million people are estimated to take part in NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Championship Bracket contest” (Kwak 107). With the popularity that college sports have gained, a subject has been drawn-out: Should college athletes be paid to play sports? It seems that everybody gets compensated except the players playing the game. The NCAA and Athletic Directors need to compensate college athletes who play at their top level, who devote more time practicing than being in a…show more content…
The title “student-athlete” does not label college athletes well, the label should read “athlete-student”. Currently, it seems that college sports are a full time job. College athletes have to balance their time between the enormous amount of time in the gym, on the court, or on the field and the significant amount of homework each night. Brad Wolverton wrote an article titled, “NCAA Considers Easing Demands on Athlete’s Time” and stated, “Elite college athletes say they spend 40 or more hours a week on sports, with little downtime between seasons… Other students - particularly those who think they might play professional sports someday - want to dedicate even more time to athletics” (Wolverton 16). With college athletes becoming better through hours of practice and determination, colleges are able to accumulate large sums of money. With the growth of college sports in recent years has assisted the NCAA and universities in having increased revenues. Large fan bases provide an incredible amount of money through tickets and merchandise to universities. In chapter 43 of Richard Miller and Kelli Washington’s book titled, Sports Marketing 2014- 2015 stated: Estimated revenue is $800 million, approximately $700 million is derived from media rights payments. The largest revenue source is a 14-year, $10.8 billion agreement between Turner Broadcasting and CBS Sports for rights to the Division I Men’s Championship. Sixty percent of

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