Nickel and Dimed on (Not) Getting By in America

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Spotlighting Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America Throughout the years, the ability to survive in the American economy without a college education has been diminishing. The employment opportunities now available to many Americans without college degrees are called “unskilled” jobs. These forms of employment are often unstable and offer low pay without much of a change for advancement within the company . Low income families are often constrained by many hurdles that do not allow them to raise themselves from below the poverty line . Many misconceptions come to light when talking about those American families below the poverty line, of those misconceptions are highlighted by statements such as that they do not work, work …show more content…
Those people who live in poverty are eligible for public services that are provided to them to help them survive. It is often a misconception these people take advantage of the public system to receive benefits and welfare that they do not need. While it is true that there many be some people who do not need these benefits and still take advantage of them, there are also many families, who do in fact need the help of public assistance, and do not use it. Many families, who qualify for public assistance such as food stamps, do not receive them. A startling two-thirds of people who qualify for public assistance, such as food stamps, do not use these benefits . One reason for this may be that these families do not truly feel they are as impoverished as they really are. Another reason could be the possibility that these families do not know they will qualify for these programs . In addition to all of those barriers for those impoverished to move themselves above the poverty level, another problem exists when we speak of those in poverty. These people, who receive such low wages without many benefits at work, often must live without proper health care. This creates a problem for the workers because they must not only work hard, for long hours, with little or no break at all; they often have no health care, which makes a simple
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