Nick's Love for the Gatsby in The Great Gatsby

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During the 1920's American culture was centered around status and wealth, especially in the east, in hopes of living the true "American dream". Although most people became shallow, empty, and careless in their paths to wealth, often hurting those who have less then them, and making them pay the consequences of their immoral actions. But Jay Gatsby was unlike every other hollow person in the East, because he had something to live for, fight for, and dream for; Daisy Buchanan. His love for her gave him the strength to keep believing in the American dream and the drive to accomplish it. Gatsby restores Nicks faith in the people of the 1920's by showing him that not everyone is shallow and selfish, and that in order to live the American dream, hope and determination can not be lost. Nick’s love for Gatsby became more and more apparent throughout the novel. Gatsby was an: "extraordinary gift for hope, a romantic readiness such as I[Nick] have never found in any other person and which it is not likely I[he] shall ever find again".(2) Gatsby aspired for something and someone, which gave him a depth to him that no other character Nick met throughout the novel had. He had loved Daisy from the moment they met, and from then on, dedicated his life to winning her back, after he had lost her when he went off to war. He weaved his endless love for her, into his vision of the american dream and decided form that moment on see that dream out in order to win Daisy back. In the 1920's many
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