Nicolas Maduro: The Power Of The Socialist Regime In Venezuela

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After President Hugo Chávez died, Nicolas Maduro took power of the socialist regime in Venezuela. Maduro’s government has faced one of the biggest economic, politic, and social crises Venezuela has had (Hernández 2016). This crisis has generated a massive food shortage that has affected the whole Venezuelan population. Many scholars have proposed different solutions on how to solve the shortage, but it seems that Maduro’s only intention is to generate political clientelism to his party instead of finding realistic programs to solve the shortage.
In 2002, Hugo Chavez began to subsidize the food in order to allow people to buy inexpensive groceries. The project consisted in the government importing food and then selling it on governmental supermarkets.
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This has generated a black market that traffics basic products (bread, milk, etc.) and sells them at outrageous prices. This black market has helped fulfill the demand and to reduce the consequences and negatives outcomes that the shortage has produced. For instance, a year ago the Associated Press reported that there was a shortage of condoms in Venezuela, which generated a high rate of teenage pregnancy. The black market helped decrease part of the shortage of condoms but at the high price of 317 dollars to the official exchange…show more content…
When the government is taking decisions that are just to beneficiate the ones who support the government, it is call clientelism. Their political agenda has only been around their interest of maintaining themselves in power. It is hard to understand how a country that has more than 20% of the oil reserves in the world is suffering a substantial economic and social crisis. This social crisis has been provoked by the clientelism the revolutionary party has. Many of the decisions that Maduro and Chaves took are and were in order to gain more votes for their “democratic elections”.
Most of the policies the representatives of the revolutionary party have had have been around helping themselves and the people who are supporting them. Most of those polices are unstainable and have created a colossal disruption in the economy. The clientelism that Maduro and Chaves had just damaged the country and did not help to the development of
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