Nicomacean Virtue Ethics Essay

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Undercover police officers (UPO) act in a way that can be considered wrong in civilian life. The UPO’s actions cause harm and setbacks to people 's lives (Miller, Blackler & Alexandra 2006). These acts inevitably require the UPO to act immorally, causing genuine dilemmas for the UPO (Miller, Blackler & Alexandra 2006). However, committing immoral acts is a fundamental part of the UPO’s ability to apprehend criminals who would otherwise go undetected, and remove drugs from the street (Bronitt & Roche 2001). This essay will address the ethical issues of performing immoral acts as a UPO by using Nicomacean virtue ethics (NV) to rationalise the role of an UPO in betraying friends, and by using rule utilitarianism (RU) to overcome the moral…show more content…
According to Bronitt and Roche (2001), fairness is removed when interviews by UPO’s are used in court as it infringes on the individual’s right to silence. Additionally, UPO’s illicit methods of obtaining information can infringe on a citizen’s right to immunity of unlawful intrusion by police (Bronitt & Roche 2001). Furthermore, with the legislation changes to the Australian law, the human rights commission (Cited in Bronitt & Roche 2001) stipulated that it is a violation to the right to a fair trial. Morality and the law are not conjoined, morality is about how one enforces ones own morally just behaviours of conduct (Thiroux, & Krasemann 2012). In the case study the UPO obtained information about a criminal group through a long-term friendship with one of its members (Miller, Blackler & Alexandra 2006). To achieve this the UPO must be known and have credibility within the criminal environment to be able to operate successfully, they must lie and act in an illegal manner to maintain their cover (Cichon 2012). UPOs must make deliberate choices to befriend a criminal to form a trusting relationship, which generates moral dissonance and personal stress (Cichon 2012). According to Aristotle (Cited in Zembaty 1993), being deceitful is base and reprehensible, in the absence of special consideration, and honesty is

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