Nicotinell Advertisement Analysis

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Smoking is one of the most controversial topics in the world, the cigarette while being popular has many negative side effects to people's health. Many companies have made different ads to make people stop smoking, let’s take a look at an advertisement made by Nicotinell to combat smoking and help smokers quit.
From the first look at the advertisement you see an old woman probably between 70 and 80 years old, leaning over to try to light her cigarette. Her hair is a cloudy white that is lifeless and dull as a piece of string, while her skin has lost all of its glean and shine. Her skin is riddled with wrinkles and blotches, the blotches are black which could be necrosis and may give a sign of what the old lady lungs could be like inside her.
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Below the cake there is white bold capitalized letters saying “Smoking causes premature aging” which explains what may have happened to the lady. Then in bottom right corner there is a blue box advertising the product, in the box there are some words reading “Helps you stop smoking”. The target audience of this advertisement are any individuals 18 and above years of age of any gender who smoke, but more specifically the ad is geared towards women that smoke because they showed a woman who is 42 but looks like she is 70. In today’s age many women want to retain their beauty for as long as they can. The author chose this picture specifically for his ad because it illustrates what people today don’t want and that is that they don’t want to grow older faster. The author’s purpose of the ad is to persuade anyone who sees the ad to quit smoking and warn people about the dangers of smoking. The author shows their product alongside the picture because they want the audience to quit and think that only their product can help them quit. Aside from the clear picture that we can see from the ad if you think rhetorically you can see that the author is using ethos, pathos to subliminally persuade you to follow the
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