Nietzsche And Nietzsche On The Rationality Of Religious Belief

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Explain and evaluate the views of Freud and Nietzsche, on the rationality of religious belief.

Freud believes that religion belongs to a childish stage of human evolution with no purpose and that these religious beliefs lack a rational and strong foundation. He thought mature people approach a rational reasoning on religion Freud believes that there is no place for religion in our modern world today since it is already corrupted with evil. His view of our psychological role of beliefs and religion brings attention to a guilt feeling one feels helpless and the first though that comes to his mind is that God is a just reflection of the subconscious mind.
On the other hand, Nietzsche believes that there are no rules to the life of human beings and only the coward cling to religion in the hope of finding something which is not there. He believes that truth is all that is needed and nothing is more powerful than self belief in truth.

Explain and evaluate the views of Tolstoy and Kierkegaard, on the rationality of religious belief.

Kierkegaard focuses almost exclusively on answering the question 'how to become a Christian '. He thought that people were not leading fulfilling and meaningful lives, so he wanted to show how people can find this, and be happy hence satisfied. This believes that truth does not come to a person from outside the self, but is contained within. It comes to a person from within, as an innate or in born idea which we recall. The other religiousness is a
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