Nietzsche On Morality

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“The strongest and most evil spirits have so far done the most to advance humanity: again, and again they relumed the passions that were going to sleep – all ordered society puts the passions to sleep – and they reawakened again and again the sense of comparisons, of contradiction, of the pleasure in what is new, daring, untried; they compelled men to pit option against opinion: Friedrich Nietzsche states. This quote is saying how the evil spirits borough back humanity, but in my opinion wouldn’t they be good spirits if they did something for everyone? The Gay Science doesn’t just talk about humanity and good and evil, Nietzsche brings in multiple topics that can all relate in one way or another. In section 13, he explains how benefiting and hurting others is really viewed. He believes that benefiting and hurting others are ways of exercising one’s power upon others. He also believes that people who hurt others just want to feel power. I completely agree with him, when other…show more content…
Reading this quote gives me a feeling of fear and excitement all at ones. Fear that there could be a time or war, but excitement that it could bring courage to all of us. He then goes into detail about how every human being is needed in this world. The quiet ones, the overcomers, the patient ones, the judgmental ones, the free spirits, everyone is needed to make our society thrive. Nietzsche believes that in order to fulfill our courage is to live dangerously. We need to be able to jump and do whatever we want whenever we want. If we want to win this warlike age then we have to be courageous and willing to live dangerously. He believes that you truly aren’t living unless you are willing to live dangerously. I completely agree with Nietzsche on this point. We can’t be scared to live our life’s, we have to take it by the horns and control what we
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