Nietzsche: Uses And Disadvantages Of History For Life

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Nietzsche ́s pragmatic conception of History: correlation and dichotomy of historical consciousness and happiness Using Nietzsche's great essay on the “Uses and disadvantages of history for life” as the starting point I have examined the utility of the study of history for judgment and practicality. This term paper argues, following Nietzsche; that the wrong kind of historical study can be very bad for "life " causing misery and depression, while the right kind-the kind employed by a pragmatic judge-may deviate from literal accuracy in the direction of a verbal and inspirational narrative of historical events that can be constructively employed in a forward-looking approach for contentment and cheerfulness. 1 Introduction “The history…show more content…
According to Nietzsche the useful way to study past is to see simple events, chronology or record of the past instead of relating it to, decoding or explaining the past. It is history in the first sense that is Nietzsche's target. He does not deny that there are knowable facts about things that happened in the past, but at the same time the total of those facts, empty of analysis, interpretation, or causal acknowledgements, such understanding is unclear and is not what we mean by historical understanding. Yet Nietzsche is not, at least in the essay that I am considering, skeptic about either type of history. For example, he does not deny that we can know that Napoleon Bonaparte abandoned for the second time in 1815, or even that we can know that Napoleon did (or did not) accelerate the emergence of German nationalism. He is skeptical about the social rather than the truth value of history. He boldly opposes that the search for historical understanding can have a devastating effect on meeting the challenges of the present or the future and thus it is useful to see history in its pragmatic way as the social value or understanding can lead to the question that whether this knowledge is possible or

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