Nietzsche's Philosophy: Course Analysis

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Philosophy, it is something that is taught in colleges all around the globe. Philosophy helps us understand the world around us more clearly. Personally it has helped me come out of my cocoon so to speak of a world that existed myself, and technology where if I didn’t know something all I had to do was Google it. But for me how philosophy has helped me is it is helping me grow not only in my knowledge but in my mind. On rare occasions I have found myself at times when I am in deep thought, thinking like a philosopher. I think of issues and problems, and I just think to myself, “Oh what if we did this to solve that, or maybe if we did this, things would be a lot better.” And then there are times where I just sit down and start to
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The will to power was Nietzsche’s way of imposing ideas on individuals while controlling them. As in he would impose an idea to someone, and then he would control the outcome of that situation. Over this course there has been a lot that we have learned from Friedrich and the ideology behind his philosophy. One such thing being perspectivism, which in a lot of terms has been dubbed quite lazy philosophy. In his time Nietzsche thought that it could have been one such stroke of luck and wisdom that he did what he did. And in a way perspectivism has helped show the errors in today’s society where there are lots of people who practice perspectivism without them even noticing. Perspectivism is the contention that every view is only one among many possible interpretations. One most especially Nietzschean perspectivism. Which is one interpretation over another. Both of these kinds of philosophies are what brought Friedrich to the point of isolation. Because he thought that everyone didn’t accept his kind of way of thinking, and that they were all sort of fools. Now what does being a sage mean to Nietzsche? I believe that if he were here today, I believe that he would say that it is whatever you will it to be. In the most purest of sense, I quite find this to be somewhat true. If you will to be a philosopher than why not go and be one. But do not get that mixed up with your wants over your needs. If you want something sure, go after it. But how do you know that you are going to stick with it down the road? But if you go after something that you need, I believe that will have a longer lasting effect, because it was something that you long sought after, and now it will come to fruition if you will just enough to get there. And that is what I believe that he would possibly
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