Nietzsche's Understanding of Suffering

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Nietzsche's understanding of suffering Alain de Botton's "The Consolations of Philosophy" addresses essential chapters in the field of philosophy and the last chapter is focused on providing Nietzsche's view on human pain as an important concept in people's lives. The German philosopher believed that society had a flawed understanding of ideas like suffering and failure. From his perspective, individuals failed to understand the complexity of suffering and embrace it in order for them to be able to succeed. Considering Nietzsche's theory, great people only become great as a result of overcoming their problems and refraining from spending most of their time trying to appreciate simple pleasures in life. Nietzsche actually believed that one of the reason for which society achieved great progress was the fact that particular individuals accepted pain as a significant step on the road to success. Pain actually encouraged such persons to go further with their plans in hope that the ultimate goal will compensate for the suffering they experienced throughout their lives. Most successful people have experienced great suffering at particular points in their lives, but this did not stop them from committing themselves even harder to their cause. The German philosopher considered that in order for society to increase its self esteem, people need to associate concepts like suffering and greatness. It would be impossible to have the latter without the former and individuals would
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