Niger River Research Paper

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Nigeria is located in the Northwestern part of Africa, it rests on the Gulf of Guinea. Niger is the border to the north, Cameroon to the south and Chad to the east. Nigeria covers over 356,670 square miles of land is about the same size as the state of Texas. Nigeria received its name from a news reporter in the mid-1890s that traveled throughout the area. The reporter kept referring to this part of the continent as Nigeria due to its proximity of the Niger River that runs through the country. There has been a long history of leaders that have tried to conqueror Nigeria but on 1 October 1960 the British government gave them full independence. A constitution was created that will establish a government for the three regions that make up the…show more content…
The Udi-Nsukka Mountains cover much of the Sothern portion of the country. It begins to rise over the Jos Plateau and covers vast surface areas of the central parts of Nigeria. Deceased smaller volcanos are all over the landscape and large deposits on ancient lava fields also. The Shebshi Mountains cover the southern region that runs along the border of Cameroon. There are two large rivers that run through the country and divide it into three sections. The Niger River is extremely shallow and can be traveled by boat during the rainy season when the river is at its deepest point. The river runs from the western boarder to the center of the country. The river starts to bend in a southerly direction at the city of Lokoja. At the end of the river, it breaks into a tributary system which dumps into the Gulf of Guinea. The Benue River is the deepest river in Nigeria. Boats navigate all times of the year except for the dry season. This river is the main waterway for transporting good in and out of the county. This river is a natural boundary that separates the regions from one
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