Nigeria American Culture

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Nigeria has become the fastest growing country in Africa, its coastal ports are the heart and soul of its economy. Since its creation by the British Empire, there has been a civil breakdown and conflict among its tribal leaders. However, their religious understanding between Islam and Christianity has kept them at peace amidst themselves throughout time. The last few years, the government has developed itself into a functioning federation, the people are able to notice how outside influence has improved their daily lives.

Nigeria is located in the Northwestern part of Africa and it rests on the Gulf of Guinea. Niger borders Nigeria to the north, while Cameroon borders to the south with Chad to the east. Nigeria covers over 356,670 square miles
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Although, electricity is a rare commodity that is not reliable, it’s considered a luxury but there are an estimated 250 ethnic groups that represent the people of Nigeria and the cultures tend to always live in their own specific territory. Someone that was not a member of those groups are considered outsiders and are treated that way. A chief or an elder lead a majority of the groups. The Hausa and the Fulani have unified but do not intermarry. Farmers represent the Yoruba tribe that lives in the city while their farmland is in the rural part of town. The Igbo is a very a powerful political group that is dispersed across Nigeria. A council of elders governs the tribes and formulates decisions for all of their settlements. There are 520 languages used in Nigeria but English is the primary language spoken. A majority of people are trilingual with their second language being one of their ethnic culture and the third language is French which spoken in the surrounding countries. There are three religions define Nigeria. In conclusion, the formal language that practiced by more than half of the country is Christianity with Islam making up 40 percent of the people’s faith. The indigenous religions represent the last 10 percent. Soccer is the sport that keeps the peoples interest, it is the obsession of the Nigerian people.…show more content…
Moreover, the countries power grids remain incapable of maintaining such an influx in power consumption. Nigeria’s power plants depend on technology that is far outdated for safe operations today. With cellular communications in such high demand and the services are expanding rapidly. Landline based telecommunications are unreliable are turned off without warning. Internet services have started to expand and changing the lifestyle of every person in Nigeria. People can to get access to the outside world which allows for the demand of new electronics and communication devices.
There are two types of government under the federal level, local and state. However, all choices at the local level were decided at the state level until 1988. Although, the country is broken into 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory however, the capital city is Abuja. In the constitution, it says that additional states can be created as needed. As a result, military generals have been creating additional states when they take
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