Nigeria And South Africa The Legacy Of The British

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Nigeria and South Africa-The Legacy of the British Nigeria and South Africa are two of the largest countries in Africa. These countries are very diverse with rich in cultures and and strong resources that would make any country great. However, these countries apparent strengths are what is dooming these nations. Nigeria’s rich and diverse culture is cause much tension between different regions in the nation as there is dispute over which culture has the right to the country’s resources. While most of the money coming from the south, and the power and military strength is based in the north, the tension between the two worlds continues to collide and cause constant uproars. Leaders of the nation are corrupt and are stealing the revenue made from oil and other exports. South Africa is in a similar situation as the legacy of white lead settler rule is causing much tension between the white and the black today. Whites control much of the businesses and productivity in the country while the black South Africans work for the whites. This causes much tensions between to two groups as there is little room for class mobility. Corruption is also apparent here as the South African government is often bought by the rich and steals much of the profit from the resources which depletes funds that are supposed to be used for the population. This is what Stephen Chan and John Campbell say that sustainable economic growth has eluded the two countries and will continue to hinder economic…
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