Nigeria 's Capital City

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What are the farthest northern, western, eastern, and southern points in Nigeria as described in absolute terms? (4 absolute locations [estimate to nearest degree], 2 coordinates each) Find and note the same for the Democratic Republic of the Congo. (Estimate to the nearest degree using a map.)

Nigeria: Democratic Republic Congo
Northern: 16 degrees East; 12 degrees North Northern: 15 degrees East; 5 degrees North
Western: 5 degrees East; 5 degrees North Western: 30 degrees East; 15 degrees South
Eastern: 16 degrees East; 12 degrees North Eastern: 13 degrees East; 7 degrees South
Southern: 7 degrees North; 3 degrees North Southern: 30 degrees East; 15 degrees South

Cite: “Introduction to Geography: People, Places, and
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The act declared the Congo River basin remain unowned and neutral forbidding slave trading and guaranteed freedom for trade and shipping for all states. Great Britain, France and Germany agreed and

How does the implementation of the British legal and educational system affect the social structure (the role of elders and the political processes) of Umuofia and other Igbo villages? How does this relate to the title of the book, Things Fall Apart.

Per the summary review in Cliff Notes on Things Fall Apart, history of Nigeria, the British claimed Nigeria to be their territory. The British government took over the role of the elders and began to control the population, religious missions and with the support of local Muslim leaders collected taxes. The British would search villages and massacre natives to control the population. The title of the book, Things Fall Apart, reflects the way the British took over and destroyed these Igbo villages and Umuofia.

To whom in Umuofia does Christianity appeal? What are the characteristics of those persons who begin to follow the British religion? How might converting to Christianity benefit an Igbo man/woman other than spiritually or emotionally?

As indicated in the novel, Things Fall Apart, Christianity in Umuofia appealed to the ak and worthless men of the village and then the women. The young appear to be more open to follow the British religion. The benefit to converting to
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