Nigerian Diaspora And The African Diaspora

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I am a part of the Nigerian diaspora, one of the millions of Nigerians living in a foreign nation. I moved to the United States at the age of 8 and since then, the Nigerian culture I had known and brought with me has changed and adapted to the dominant culture of the USA. Many Nigerian families and communities abroad are faced with the same internal struggle of holding onto their traditional cultural values, while ensuring enough adaptation into the dominant culture. Due to the diversity of nations Nigerian migrants have settled in, the end result, a hyphenated Nigerian identity, differs greatly across continents and countries. Through the Frances L. Phillips scholarship, I would like the opportunity to explore the Nigerian diaspora communities in 6 different Western Europe countries and how these communities have shifted and adapted due to the dominant culture in the countries. I would like to explore the diaspora communities in in Italy, Ireland, The Netherlands, Austria, France and Belgium. These six countries are the top European destinations for Nigerian migrants, excluding the United Kingdom. While in these countries, I hope to discover the changes that have occurred to surface cultural attributes such as food, and attire. How have traditional Nigerian meals and dishes been recreated and fused with the popular staples/dishes of the particular country I am in? Other questions and topics I hope to explore are how is traditional Nigerian fashion integrated into the
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