Night By Elie Wiesel Analysis

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Night by Elie Wiesel tells a very powerful story about the severe oppression that Jewish people faced during the time of World War II. We received a first -hand account of the emotions, thoughts and struggles of these people as they experienced days, weeks, months, and years of torture. Jewish people were mistreated by people who believed had authority over them, people who believed they were not worthy of being treated like humans. Throughout the novel, we encounter situations that testify to the statement that “might is not right”, a belief that you can take any action necessary because you are considered to be the most powerful. We first see this idea at the very beginning of the novel. The Jewish people in the town of Sighet are frantic, scared and confused. Their whole lives are hanging on by a thread and they are beginning to live their lives in uncertainty about their future. They try to remain optimistic and positive about their living situation, but as each day progresses, the situation worsens. “Everything happened very quickly. The race toward death had begun.” (Wiesel 10) The amount of injustice in this situation is obvious. People are being thrown out of their houses without justification or reasoning, causing chaos in their lives. The situation worsens as we analyze the execution of these plans, with people being forced to leave all valuables and sentimental items behind, not being provided food or water, and being forced to wait in despair. No one should
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