Night, By Elie Wiesel

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After succeeding through hardships we gain the knowledge of our own strength. Although, I believe strife, in ways, always succeeds as well, seeing that without the success of strife, our strength teaches us nothing. We all would like to believe that strength always triumphs over strife, but in reality we wouldn’t gain that strength without the strife. In Elie Wiesel’s book, Night, he is faced with many hardships. He is forced into concentration camps and treated inhumanely, and his strength is constantly tested. Elie struggles with his mental, physical, and even spiritual health; especially during his trip to the final concentration camp. Although Elie loses so much during the holocaust, including his own family, he gains a dominating trait, strength. Elie’s family was taken away by SS Nazi soldiers on a cattle car train to Auschwitz concentration camp. Immediately after arriving, all of the women, including Elie’s mother and sisters, were separated from the men. Luckily enough, Elie remained by his father’s side, but to be in a place that smells of burning flesh, and soldiers screaming abhorrent words towards Jews while holding rifles, was traumatic for Elie. He had no knowledge of what was to happen to his own mother and sisters, but had a precise vision as to their fate while at Auschwitz, the emotional strife was already high and only just beginning for him. So after being separated, Elie is seen by Dr. Mengele, survival kicks in for Elie and he lies to the Doctor

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