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Night by Elie Wiesel is an book about the author a Jewish boy and his life during World War Two. The story begins with him getting captured by Nazis and gets put in a several concentration camps, with his father. Wiesel just fifteen years old and has to leave his humanity behind to survive. And if that wasn't enough he also has to surpass a lot of challenges like starvation, losing hope, and getting beat constantly. This is an true story that ultimately ends up with him surviving. Although, Wiesel does end up a changed boy when loss of hope starts to set in, suggesting that people change because of violence some changes are lose hope in God, humanity, and innocence
Throughout the book Wiesel changes, because he loses hope in God as soon as he is introduce to violence. After he gets off the train and first enters the camp he starts questioning his religious beliefs and himself, for example, he says “never shall I forget those moments which murdered my God and my soul”. ( Wiesel 35) When Wiesel is first introduced to the crematorium and learns what is done in concentration camps, and he starts questioning what he really believes in. In the book Wiesel is a very religious person, as is his family. And very soon after entering the camp as stated above he loses his faith, which shows that being around so much violence can eventually make you lose hope in all things including religion. By saying “murdered my God”, Wiesel is basically saying that the thought of God is

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