`` Night `` By Elie Wiesel

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Dating to the beginning of civilization, war continues to be a repeating occurrence in the world whether it be with oneself, society, or the outside influences in the world. In terms of war between countries, there is the growing controversy over its utilization and purpose when a country is predisposed to a situation foreboding unavoidable conflict. War is the only solution to certain situations but cannot be considered a panacea to all the issues prevalent in the world. The reasoning behind this is that war produces consequences some of which that are permanent. War has always spawn more conflict, gives disfigurement to human bodies, death and occasionally affects the state of one’s mind in areas such as mentality, emotions, rationality…show more content…
War is a monster that ends dissension and in its wake it leaves a trail of needless consequences when put to use. Throughout world history there has been a plethora of wars and attacks. To name some highly notable ones that caused many complications in its aftermath was the World War II, attack on Pearl Harbor and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam War, and the Great African War. If some of the consequences of those wars could not be explicitly seen, it was conveyed through genres used in day to day life such as movies, songs, statistical reports, poems, and books. The implicit messages from each genre hints towards its situation at which it was written. The connection between the wars and genres will reveal the consequences of war. The value of the analysis of these two prove is important in its purpose of attesting war is something that starts a chain of events. World War II was a war remembered by numerous amount of people across the world. This is due to the multiple involvements of countries that participated and it being the largest war scaled in history. Equally as it was a massive war waged across the globe, the death toll of the war was colossal too. By the statistics found on the FindTheData website, death distribution of World War II for civilians was sixty-seven percent and for the military it was thirty-three percent. A country is always ready to defend itself by attacking and plunging itself into war and yet a country forgets to protect
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