Night By Elie Wiesel Reflection Paper

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Millions of Jews died during the Holocaust. Only a small amount of Jews survived, including Elie Wiesel. As a survivor and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Elie Wiesel describes his experiences through his written memoir entitled “Night.” He shares with the reader the horrific Holocaust experiences he endured as a 15-year old boy. The two major focuses of this essay are to elaborate on Elie’s positive characteristics during his pre-Holocaust childhood and then share the accounts of his broken spirit as a concentration camp prisoner. Before Elie went to the concentration camp, he had a variety of good character traits such as, loyalty, loving, and contentful. Elie was very loyal and dedicated to his faith, evidenced by his desire to learn more about the Jewish religion. Wiesel wrote on page four (4) of his book, “One day I asked my father to find me a master who could guide me in the studies of Kabbalah.” This shows Elie is very devoted to his religion because instead of doing something else, he wanted to learn more about the Jewish faith and become stronger in his beliefs. He was also very content and displayed a good attitude, even when things were not going great. In the midst of a potential German attack in his hometown, Wiesel writes, “I continued to devote myself to my studies, Talmud during the day and Kabbalah at night” (pg. 8). This shows how Elie was very contentful because he just kept on living life without any fear that there may be an attack. Most of

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