Night By Elie Wiesle Reflection Paper

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When going through a difficult time and struggles it is shown that we judge our faith. I am going to take us on a journey about Elie Wiesle. He was a very spiritual man. Always praying and talking about God. One day Elie and the Jews had a dramatic change in everyhing which caused some questioning. The way Elie stuggles with his faith is shown through the events that took place and the personal and non-personal talks that he has with in himself and characters throughout the story. Even before and during the Holocaust Elie thought of God as the protector and punisher of the people. In the beginning he really never questioned God about anything. He could accept God’s answers just the way they were said and given. The book states that,“Nothing will happen to us, for God needs us.”(Legends pg.124). “ And we, the Jews of Sighet, were waiting for better days, which would not be long in coming.” (Night). When dealing or going through tough times and struggles Elie and the Jews of Sighet relied and always called on God for help. God was their protector; they expected him to be there during the good and the bad that they went through. Even when things got bad they knew who to call on. So when the Holocaust first started Elie and the Jews really wasn’t worried about it and they did not pay much attention because they felt in their heart that God was going to come fast and change everything back to good. That is how strong their faith was. Faith was the very substance of life to the

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