Night- Elie Wiesel Practice Essay

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“Night’ shows that even in the most brutalising conditions, people still behave humanely. To what extent do you agree?” In the text Night, written by Elie Wiesel, it is a horrific story about how the Nazi’s invaded Wiesel’s hometown of Sighet, Hungry and where taken under German control and sent to many concentration camps. During his time at the concentration camps, Elie and fallow Jews were in harsh and unforgettable conditions and treated severe from the Germans that no one could imagine. There is plenty of evidence which supports that even through many people turned and began to do dreadful things to one another; there were the very few people who stayed calm and gentle within all of the commotion. Night’ illustrates the…show more content…
One of the worst things that happened constantly in the camps did not just have to watch people die, or eve seeing the massive piles of dead bodies but the Germans made the Jews burn their fellow prisoners bodies in the crematoriums. The Jews were taken out of their homes and thrown into camps, while watching people die all around them if cruel and violent conditions as the Germans heartlessly treated them like animals. Through-out the novel Night’, it is shown that under such cruel and heartless conditions that the prisoners begin to turn on each other. Such acts of violence not only from the Germans but also from fallow in-mates attack and sometimes kill one another. While for some they didn’t want to act in such horrific ways, but only to survive they didn’t what was needed. One of the first glimpses of how the prisoners would do what even it takes to survive even if it meet kill someone close to them was that of the son and father. On the train to Buchenwald, as it passes through German towns, some German works through a little bit of bread into the carts of the train, as the prisoners begin to fight over the bread the works get amused by it and begin to throw more. As a result of the bread being thrown on the train many die, to the amusement of the German works. One of the in-mates that die is through, prisoners turning on each other, the old man died as a result of his own son not having any will-power it overcome the temptation of being able to
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